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Golf Squares Introduction

It’s funny how things happen in life. Today I was talking with an old friend of mine about the new Squares King app. He made a comment  “This is great, but where’s the option for golf?” Which got us thinking and kicking ideas back and forth. Which led us to a very elegant, but simple solution – other. We want to make golf squares a reality, and not just a thought. We’ve already made many other sports possible, golf is up next!

Other? Yes, other. Because being agnostic to the sport and typical rules is where we think we have a competitive advantage at Squares King. The answer lies in providing a platform to frame the game, and the solution is as simple as coding the randomized variables that are produced when we start the game. You might be saying to yourself, at this point, “It sounds complicated.” or “I can’t keep track of a code. You’re nuts.” Hold on. Let us explain.

With a 5×5 grid, the options for the randomized numbers are 0-4, and with a 10 x 10 grid, they are 0-9. and because we, at Squares King, believe in letting you set up your own games, with your own rules, you are only limited by your creativity. Starting with the 5 x 5 for golf. If you want to set up a game with your friends for your Friday golf league, or for watching The Masters, the premise is really simple. Odds on favorite (home) vs the Field (away) and then determining what the o-4 will equal. Look at the table below for a professional match.

Set-Up Golf Squares In A Few Steps

As you can see, there is now an easy option for using the 5 x 5 grid. So let’s look at an example of how that will work.

For any given professional tournament, the favorite shoots 10 under and beats the field, with the runner up shooting 7 under. In this scenario, a 5 x 5 grid would have produced a winning square of 2 for the Favorite (Home) and 1 for the Field (Away).

Let’s stop right there for a second.  Is the above table always to be used for golf? Absolutely not! Different tournaments will have different odds of final scores and by the rationale, the administrator should adjust the scores accordingly. Think about tournaments that are historically hard like the US Open or The Open (FKA The British Open). These two events would give a very high probability to the 3 and 4 squares because the scoring is typically much harder. Which leads us to scoring for the Men’s League.

With amateur golf the coding table will be almost exactly the opposite, because typically amateurs are a lot worse at golf than the pros without having their scores handicap adjusted. Our recommendation for the Men’s League scoring would look like this:

Golf Squares Scoring

As you can see, the scores now reflect a little more realistic for the average league scoring. Golf Squares scoring is as easy as scoring for any other sport, you’ve just got to pay attention. Here’s an example:

The league president of the Friday Golf League wants to set up a 50/50 fundraising square for the league. There 10 golfers. IN this scenario, each person in the league puts in $10 a week for two squares. and the league get’s 5 squares. If the league square hits, it carries over, until the end of the year. The league’s best player is Johnny Hotshot, and he is a 1 handicap. In the first week, Johnny (Favorite) shoots a net score of 2 over, and the next best player (Field)  shoots a net of 4 over. This would yield a winning square of 2 (Home)  and 3 (Away).

As with the suggested scoring for the professional golfers, the suggested scoring for us weekend hacks will have to be adjusted accordingly to your situation.

There you have it! Squares for Golf! Download Squares King for Android or iOS. Join the game revolutionizing daily fantasy and sports betting.

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