Protecting Yourself from Fraud

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Fraud Happens – Not Here

In today’s digital age, the possibility of fraud is ever present. The news is permeated with stories about fraud.  Whether it is a story about identity theft, a breach in security, or an act of simple deception, it seems like it is a daily event. At Squares King, we thought it would be best to attack this topic head on. Let’s have a quick discussion about it.


It is our opinion that fraud happens for many reasons:  People are sometimes careless, people want to win, and there are simply some bad people. We want you to know that we are doing are best to protect you from not only being careless, but also from the scammers and cheaters.


By keeping the platform modifiable by the administrator to a certain point.  The first layer of protection is the inability to see or manipulate the randomized numbers. This ensure that administrators can not stack the deck and that a truly random square will be selected. Next, we have tried to provide complete transparency of the entire game play process. From the invitee list, the final results being double checked with administrator, and the  final results grid letting users instantly know if they won or lost, we feel that this should put all users at ease when using the app. Finally, we have encouraged users to only play games in which they know the administrator, or the person inviting them. We feel that these rapid small games represent the true potential of the the Squares King app and bring friends closer together by sharing a common experience.


Again fraud will happen in the world and none of us will like it, especially if affects our families and friends. It is our hope through our security features, and our encouragement to play games with people you know that you will never experience fraud while using the app or as a member of our community.

Thanks again for your support – The Squares King Team

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