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Today Squares King was released for purchase on the App Store and on Google Play. As part of the release, we are providing this webpage as a landing spot for all things Squares. Our goal is to become the easier, less frustrating alternative to daily fantasy sports.  We have seen the boom in fantasy sports, both traditional and daily, and also been a part of the ever increasing frustration associated with them. Surprise line up changes, injuries to key players, busted drafts, unforeseen breakouts are all things of the past with Squares King. We hear the pundits predicting who’s going to do what and who’s going to be the best on any given week. In my experience, their “predictions”, while fun to read, their actual results are spotty at best. Many daily fantasy sports sites offer lineup optimizers. If they offer them and people use them, than the optimizer is not a real competitive advantage. The ability to pick a breakout candidate is not a skill. It is pure chance. You can not predict injuries. You can not predict coaches decisions. The madness needs to stop.

For years people have risked their hard earned money on flawed logic and models. Gut feel will always  play a huge part in traditional fantasy and daily sports. The probabilities of selecting the best team on a seasonal or daily level are infinitesimally small.  if you don’t think so, you are kidding yourself.

We think that should change. We think results will always be random and the better the known probabilities, the better chance for fun and excitement.

With the Squares King app, the probabilities will always be known. We think this the easiest, and most predictable way to enhance your sports viewing experience. on a 10 x 10 grid, the probability of winning will always be .01 (1/100) for every square. if you choose more squares your probabilities go up.  On a 5 x 5 grid the probabilities are even better. Every square has a .04  (1/25). There is not a fantasy game on the planet that gives you better odds than these two options.

For those that don’t want the app, but want to play squares in a more traditional manner, we have provided a place to give to grab the templates. They are free and easy to use.

In this space we will talk about many things, but primarily focus on:

  • Squares
  • Probabilities
  • How and Different Ways to Play
    • Grid set up
    • Scoring
    • Rules
  • Gambling
  • Daily Fantasy Sports

We at Squares King sincerely hope that using our app,  and templates help you enjoy and enhance your sports viewing experience.

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