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Squares King was founded on real probabilities, for real people. Too many players are getting the blunt end of the blade all while attempting to play a game? Not anymore; Squares King allows players to customize personal sport fantasy games at their will – for legitimate results. Stop wasting time, download Squares King.

Growing up, I always loved when my dad played the $100 Super Bowl Squares game at work. The simplicity of the 10 x 10 grid, knowing your numbers and watching the game with the excitement that those numbers might hit – were all fun. Although, we only won once, I always loved the excitement it brought to the game.
That’s where Squares King comes in. Our thought is that Squares King is the perfect platform to make sports fun again. Whether it’s running the squares game for the Super Bowl, doing a little fund raising, or just watching a game with some friends, we think it’s the perfect way to add a little excitement. It’s simple – your teams, your rules, your friends.
I have also played every form of fantasy sports known to man. Being a sports geek, I always wanted a way to stay connected to the games I loved playing growing up. I have played fantasy baseball with the same group of guys for over 30 years.I have played fantasy football for over 25 years with many different people and using many different formats. I have dabbled in Daily Fantasy Sports on Fan Duel, and even won some money – but the only thing I ever really loved about any of it, was getting together with the guys. I have found the actual fantasy sports process leaves me frustrated. Frustrated by the last minute line up changes, the freak injuries, lousy drafts, the booms and the busts, and I know I am not alone in the frustration.
– Harvey Wilson, Squares King, CEO
We hope you love the app and the templates!

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